Any Hi-Rez music available on Tidal via Roon?

It is my understanding that only 16/44 music is available on TIDALRoon now, and no Hi-Rez music (24/172, for example) is available, except of course with MQA. Is this correct?
It is also my understanding that any Hi-Rez music (with a few exceptions when labels offer freebies on a limited basis) must be downloaded from a third party source.such as Hd tracks, and paid for and sent to your computer for pick up by Roon. Is this correct?

Hi Res is only available via MQA.
Purchased hi Res can be streamed from your local storage to roon devices. There are obviously lots of sources for this.
Qobuz seems to be the next service to be integrated and will provide hi Res and downloads.