Any infos of new update version

Is there any info of a new update version to resolve the current bugs?
Last update was 24 days ago

Rubber stamp answer: “it’s ready when it’s ready”…
On the other hand, one could hope: no news is good news!

I am looking for a new build every day.
Not to get new features, but to get a fixed version like 1.7

Just change it to:
“I am looking for a new build some day.” :slight_smile:

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Well a few already are wondering why not ship more regular builds with fixes - which was actually also mentioned as targeted by Roon.

Hope there aren’t any more severe problems in the core that make fixing a certain bug / area even more time consuming.

Roon doesn’t like to do a release late in the week so maybe early this or next week could be a go…but as always they release when its ready, and with as much fixed as possible of course.

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And there you have it