Any loss in SQ when connecting Aries (G1 or G2) via Ethernet?

Hi - as wireless can be a problem an interrupted more easily and wired almost always works - has anyone connected their streamer via Ethernet and is there a loss in SQ due to any noise?

I am considering to connect my Aries G1 via Ethernet for a more stable connection.

I couldn’t tell the difference with an Aries Mini on standard power supply.

I know that Auralic recommends WiFi, but I use my Aries Femto with Ethernet because WiFi in my dense neighborhood was not sufficiently reliable for high-res streaming, even with a top-notch UniFi AP. Neither the Aries nor other streamers I’ve used seem to suffer from noticeable noise from Ethernet. But all of this is very dependent on the particular electromagnetic characteristics of your home, neighborhood, Ethernet wiring, and power supplies.

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No, there is no SQ loss - definitely NOT.