Any Meridian Speaker users using Raspberry PI RS232 serial control

If anyone has sucessfully setup up Rasberry Pi endpoint with Serial volume control. Please contact me via PM for assistance.

Thanks to the help of Jan Koudijs this has been finally resolved for me after many hours of frustration and getting no response to my inquiries.

RPI4 entrpoints
Meridian DSP33

Can you post the hardware used and the procedures?
Looking to do this with a pair of dsp33s myself

Hardware= RasberryPi 4 4GB, ALLO DIGIONE, USB/SERIAL CABLE + null modem cable, Meridian DSP33

Software/Downloads= DIETPI with Meridian/Roon Extensions, enabled the Meridian Source Volume Control within the App extension. You have to select the correct setup parameters in the Meridian extension. Serial Port =. /dev/ttyUSB0 for DSP33 parameters= DS6ii03 Source for convenience switch=

Enabled Entrypoints extension configured for ALLO DIGIONE with Meridian selected for volume control.

Thanks for all of this. One further question. Is there a version of this setup that might work with the Tidal app and not Roon??

Not that I know of.