Any Need to Power Down Nucleus?

I have had my Nucleus for a couple of weeks now and intend to keep it on except when I travel, which is 3-4 times a year. Is this okay? Any need to power it down more often?

See this thread. Basically it can be left on 24/7…

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Hi @Antonio_Furtado,

As Geoff mentioned, there is no need to power down your Nucleus. You can if you’d like, but most leave it on.

Thanks very much for confirming this, will leave my Nucleus on except when away on travel.

As a general rule I tend to shut everything down and pull it from the wall when traveling more than a few days…Singapore has many thunder storms so this is rather more precautionary than power saving but as my room is left closed up or at least no changes with aircon being used it can get rather warm too.

I only power down when away for longer than a weekend.

Why not power it down when you go to bed or when you’re at work etc.? I think that’s what I’d do (I don’t have a Nucleus, though)…

Well, I think the idea is you leave it on 24/7 so it can keep all the album details and artist bio’s up to date, but that’s not really acceptable these days - despite the “it only uses X watts” argument. I would like to see some sort of sleep or standby feature, there are several requests if you search, but the Roon team are sure doing so would ruin the whole experience.

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