Any owners of Bluesound Pulse M?

Any owners of Bluesound Pulse M? How does it compare to their other speakers?

I have a pair of Pulse flex’s and they are very fussy about a strong WiFi signal. I hope the new model fixes that.

I have two Flex’s and a Pulse Mini. I have no issues with wifi. I use a Mesh Orbi with a couple of extenders and get good coverage. I have batteries for the Flex and am able to take them outside too.

Perhaps try changing your wifi channels or options? I live in NYC in a very dense area with hundreds of neighbors within wifi distance.

But I’m curious how the Pulse M’s compare soundwise. When I don’t take them outside, the Flexes live in my bedroom on top of two dressers near the ceiling. It would be a nice environment for a more onmi directional speaker. But I haven’t read much about the M’s and they’re quite expensive.

I was at a friend’s place who had two Bose Soundlink Revolves, which are similar round omnidirectional speakers, and they sounded fantastic as a room filing party kind of speaker.

I have a single pulse M along with several other bluesound devices. I find the pulse M problematic, it disappears from Roon regularly; when using as bluesound device it has no trouble, With Roon I often have to unplug and replug to get Roon to see it again. I had and earlier Flex 2i same location same wifi and no such problems. Not happy with this guy.

I’m using a Pulse M for traveling.
It sits in a backpack together with
At home I’m using 2 Pulse Soundbar speakers.
I did not do a side by side comparison, but the Pulse M plays very good.
I connect the Pulse M via Ethernet to my MiFi router (ZTE MU5001) or my travel router (GL.iNet GL-MT3000) as it is a hassle to connect every time to a new (hotel) WiFi.
I’m also carrying 2 sets of headphones when travelling. :sunglasses: