Any plans for Roku Channel for Roon

Since my old Squeezebox 2 seems to be flaky, I’m looking for a way to bring Roon into my Home Theater setup without adding any new devices. Wondering if there are any plans for a roku channel that could access the Roon core. That would do the job for me.


I agree that allowing a Roku 4 or Apple TV to act as a remote would be great.

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That would really be an awesome feature to have Roon show up in a Home Theater setup with Surround Sound.

I primarily use my Home Theater through X-Box One, Roku and Fire TV.

I would think that this would be a great source of exposure for Roon and also for another listening sector who is not into High Res Audio, as most guys here are into, but has a decent investment in Home Theater Audio.

There is a large audience base with a large library of music but not necessary into High Res equipment because of many different reason ie: money or the complexity of it all. I think that they would love to be able to have access to all of the music on their big screen. I certainly do.

Most major manufacturers of Home Theater audio amps are getting into multi-room audio via wired or wireless to compete directly with Sonos. Roon on the big screen would be an awesome remote to achieve this.

Seriously +100 on this. I’m not yet using roon because I haven’t figured out how would be best to integrate the UI with my system. If I could run the core on my NAS and download a roku app and control it on my tv with the roku remote I would be sold.

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Not sure I get this but the whole point of Roon is The Roon app and its UI.
Thoughts, Chris

The idea is to have the roon app and UI on the roku. I don’t want to have to invest in yet another box just to control roon from my tv screen.

Just wanted to revive this thread. I started using the new Spotify channel on Roku and its very cool. It would be really great if I could access my library via a Roon channel. A simplified UI like the one Spotify uses would be great.


Yes please.

Having a Roku channel would be outstanding. Spotify has one and so does Amazon music.

Yes, I’ve got a roku sound bar that I’d at least like to use that is attached to my TV. A roon app there, or connectivity as an endpoint would be great.

I would love to have a Roon app for Roku. However only for control, I do not need to listen to my music through a Roku in my home theater.