Any plans for WiFi with RoPieee?


Are there any plans to have WiFi enabled with the RoPieee image?

Has it been disabled for audio quality reasons?

Has anyone tried to getting it working as it looks like its based on Arch Linux?


Yes there are plans for that. Actually been working on it, some preparations have been made.

The reason that it is not supported right now is simply that the wifi on the raspberry pi is rather flaky. However, there are users that have requested it on multple occasisons, so I’m gonna build it in, with a huge disclaimer.

Indeed RoPieee is based on ArchLinux, but it’s not a generic distro. It’s a ready-to-go appliance so it’s not recommended to ‘tinker’ with RoPieee as I don’t provide support and can’t guaruantee that things change. For that scenario there are enough other good distro’s.


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@spockfish so wifi and bluetooth is always off if I use a Pi3? I dont want to use more that I dont want it to be turned on :slight_smile:

Yep. Right now both wifi and bluetooth are completely disabled.