Any suggestion for my Roon Core?

Currently i have my Roon Core on my Synology NAS DS916+ with Intel Pentium N3710 Quad Core and 8G.
I also use my Aurender N10 as music file storage and Ayre QX5 DAC.

If i want to upgrade my roon core, any suggetion, one Intel NUC? If one intel NUC is one good step, what is the reasonable spec? i will not use the Roon Core for up-sampling.


ROCK on a NUC, GEN10 or below. An i5 should be enough horse and relatively future proof except for all but the biggest libraries.

The same holds true for 8GB of RAM, but since RAM is fairly cheap, 16GB wouldn’t be out of the question. What ever you get, populate with two sticks, rather than one big stick.

You didn’t ask, but I would use the NAS only for backup of your music files and the Roon library. Put your music on an external USB drive connected to the NUC or, if the NUC case allows it, in an internal SSD.

Depends on library size

I went to a NUC / ROCK 6 months ago — flawless

I went 10i7 with 32GB RAM , 256 SSD , maybe a bit OTT but future proof ?

My library is 150 k tracks, I added a 4Tb SSD just for good luck and compactness ,but you’ll use the NAS as source