Any way to restrict music from showing up under singles/eps in artist view?

I have 400+ titles in my Springsteen collection and it brings most of my roon remotes to a grinding halt when loading the artist page. I cleaned up the main albuyms section but that just left all the “Other” titles under singles/eps.

Anyway to keep titles from showing? Ideally a restriction to a certain # of titles and a “show more…” would be great but I don’t think that is possible, so looking for a way to edit the meta/tags to have them not get filed as singles/eps.

Any ideas?

Use Focus to select the releases you want/ don’t want (by inverting the selection) and create a bookmark.

Not directly. You could reclassify those other albums as by a different artist, like “Springsteen bootlegs” so you can still find them but not have them gum up Bruce’s main album page.

Thanks guys. I am doing something similar with a “Bruce” profile and tags. I was just hoping there was something i was overlooking to control the artist page.