Any way to stream WXRT?

Is there any way to add WXRT as a Live Radio station? As far as I can tell, the only way to stream them at all is through the Audacy web site (Chicago Finest Rock Station - WXRT-FM | 93XRT). It would be great to listen to WXRT on something other than my computer.


@Mark_Duffield, I’m streaming XRT right now in Roon via Live Radio/My Radio. Did you search for it? The Radio team has worked with me to ensure it’s streamable in Roon and not just the Audacy app.

Thanks! This is great news @Robert_F! I searched for both WXRT and XRT and don’t see either. What am I missing?

I found it! 93XRT. Should have known. I’m all set now that I can get my fix from my first (radio station) love. Thank you!


Hi Mark, you’ve got me curious as a radio nut.

Good station it seems :+1:t2:

Thanks in advance

Edit, just found it……operator error…….doh!

@Mark_Duffield, glad you’re up and running. If you like XRT, you may also like The Bridge (, XRT only more so. The Bridge also is in the Live Radio database.

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My mistake was that I was using the “Filter” feature in Live Radio instead of using the Search function in Roon.


Thank you, I’ll give it a listen!

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I grew up in the Chicago area during the 1980s. WXRT was the best radio station then, and in my opinion remains so. It is eclectic and alternative. Terri Hemmert knows more about music than most people alive. One of the things I miss most about Chicago (I live in the Boston area and there isn’t anything close to XRT here).


Yes. It can be confusing.

The filter function only applies to the list of stations already obtained, either via a category, or recent, or local etc.
It’s also possible that that list is incomplete as there is a limit of 250 stations being shown.

The magnifying glass is usually the better option; pleased you got there in the end.

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