Any Windows Server 2016 Users here w/ iOS remotes?

Curious - are there any users out there using the following combination?

Windows Server 2016 (any derivative) / Roon Core 1.6 (no thick client)
iOS device (be it iPad or iPhone) controlling it with iOS app (iOS 12.3)?

I had an issue that I want to know if it was isolated to my configuration or is systemic issue for others. Basically on my iOS devices I would get a continual “lost connection” splash screen and eventually after 3-4 times the app would just give up and crash.

I’ve figured out the root cause and fixed it but before sharing it I’m just curious if anyone else is running a setup similar to mine.

Many thanks

If anyone does run into this problem, the culprit is a hidden “teredo tunneling adapter” only present on Server 2016 it seems.

Once disabled, all works fine. Unfortunately, a reboot can cause it to come back. Good times! Never had this issue with previous versions of roon.