Anybody else having Tidal login problems since 1.1?

I am an Australian user, and i seem to be having problems with Tidal login since upgrading to version 1.1

When i try to access the “Overview page” i get nothing the moving icon for a while followed by the pink box at the bottom of the page saying “Error loading page. Please check your network connection”

I cannot play any tidal content via room .

But if i use the Tidal desktop app on the same computer it all plays with no problem.

It looks to me like some sort of authentication issue?

I also tried logging out of tidal in room, and logging back in…the login failed with error message “There was an unexpected error. Please check your account details”

Anyone else having this problem?

Yes - same here

I have problems since today. After upgrade to 1.1 I had no problems.


Tidal login problems are back again!
I can’t login to Tidal via Roon,but works in on Tidal web service on same MAC.
Is this a regular problem?
Sure seems it…

No problems here.

Still a problem here…anyone from Roon able to help?
Tidal login works perfectly via Tidal desktop app and Tidal web login…but no go via Roon!


Actually the problem seems to be with my Roon account as well as Tidal…basically it seems if I try to access any web service via Roon, the Ronn app seems to think I am not connected to the internet…“Network error, please check your internet connection”…and yet I clearly am connected??

Also the same problem manifests itself regardless of which machine in my house I am trying to use Roon…and the problems there even when using my iPad app!!!

I got the same issue ““Network error, please check your internet connection”” with my iPad on Sunday night and I had to quit the RoonServer app and relaunch and shut down the iPad and relaunch and then everything connected…weird.

Also a problem for me. On the iPad app the play/progress bar scans back and forth but nothing plays. Restarting the server seems to fix.