Anybody know when we can expect Roon Bridge 1.8?

I have two Roon Bridges running on Allo DigiOnes. Following the recent 1.8 release these are still showing as running 1.7 (build 571). Not quite sure who is responsible for this development but does anybody know when we can expect 1.8? I am not sure what I am missing by not having it, everything seems to be working fine. Asking for a friend (my OCD :wink:).

RoonBridge doesn’t need to be upgraded for Roon V1.8.

If it was needed, it would have been done concurrently with V1.8 updates on PC/Mac and iOS.

BTW - We have a friend in common.

Thanks! Delighted to hear there is someone out there who calls me a friend!

The old rule is - if does not broken, don’t fix it… :wink: