Anyone else have antipodes audio DX 3 server playing roon core out there

Im a headphone user and generally curious if there are fellow antipodes audio dx server users out there. I find the new DX frankly spectacular and would like to chat about the product, what interface did you decide to use. I dunno just a thought for the inter web

I have a DX 3, Denafrips dac, Jay’s transport running Roon

I have a DX with the upgrades, interestingly the DX has now completly vanished from the Antipodes site.
Still, I won’t be upgrading for a while, tho it does take some time to load Roon on a re-start, my library is quite large however, running off a Synology NAS.
Love my Antipodes box, use a iFi Dual head USB into my old Triode tube dac (24-192), its all I need.
I have kinda given up on headphones, just not the experience I want, full range speakers all the way.

First,good to hear from some fellow antipodes DX owners. Terminator? Interesting dac, I use chord TT into gsx mk2. Read some good things on terminator but when I bought TT 4 years ago at a great price, inflation just kept hitting our market. DX improved my listening experience so much that when chord launched its upgrade to TT attwice the price, I said meh. DX for me took upgrade itus away from my system.

Just noticed that DX is gone from the sight. What’s up with that. Also have a thread in head fi might have to update that blog…cool to hear like myself, we enjoy DX regardless of interface of speakers or hp.

Still trying to figure out the antipodes, external storage and such,
Yes I have the terminator Dac, very nice, love it

don’t use external have 1 tb, used maybe 175 gig to date, so lots to go. so far so good, updates to roon, updates to my antipodes dui, seamless. Use usb from DX to TT then balanced out to MK2 to hd800S. Started with Antipodes gt ds then got upgraded to DX, far more enjoyable.

I have 2 TB but getting full, need to keep space internally for ripping
Built a 2 TB external drive to store music and backup

The DX is discontinued

Well then, we are the few…the proud? Lol

Hi guys, DX discontinued, booo, guess future upgrades may be hard to come by. Thought it a bit weird the CX, EX on site, yet still proclaiming the DX as awesome, spose as a one box it’s all good.
Mark_Tunis have you thought of a NAS rather than USB storage, move all your music to it, freeing up the internal for ripping only.
I’ve haven’t looked back after grabbing a NAS so easy, heap of storage and back up.

I also have the DX3, run Roon Core on it and think it’s terrific. Kind of weird how the DX just disappeared off the website. I will probably switch to the Grimm MU-1 at some point, not because I’m unhappy with the DX3 but because I have a Grimm system.

What is a good NAS solution?

Hi Mark, Synology I think are generally regarded as a market leader, you could grab a 2 Bay, use your existing 2TB, add another, for 4TB,not sure where you are based but check out the link below for a entry level solution…

The Grimm MU-1 looks amazing and connectivity wise what ive been looking for. Should fit my D&D 8C perfectly. A little expensive though :money_mouth_face:

Looks amazing, stiff price tho. Dx3 is just to good to even think about a new server, even better that it was partially comped to me, so it’s in my rig for the long haul.
It was strange about delisting but it’s tough to bring new systems when the flagships in the way I guess.

Did they announce a price? 6k?

I dunno looked at official site for grim mu =9700 pounds. Yikes.

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Supposedly it’s going to come in two versions, one with analog outs and one purely digital. The purely digital one is supposed to be 6k. But still, yikes.

Yep … 6 - 10K …hah
Pure digital is what i need. Would be nice with some more information regarding the Roon Core.

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