Anyone else having issues with Radio Paradise today?

My links to both the flac and regular streams don’t work today. If I try and add new from the radio stations pages “Radio Paradise: Main mix” this link is broken too.

“Unable to play this station. Its address may have changed, or it may be temporarily unavailable” via chrome streams fine.

Anyone else?

My flac stream doesn’t work…same message you got.

Same issue for most of the day here too

Looks like a wider issue than Roon specifically, although it does play on my BluOS device (non-Roon). There are a few grumblings on their forum

I don’t know what’s going on either, but I have found some alternative streams for the main site that seem to work.

Let me know how they are. I’ll look for some on the others too.

I’ve now also added the alternative streams to Mellow, Rock and Eclectic.
If the old streams remain broken, or RP state that they’ve changed I’ll remove them, in the meantime both old and new are there.

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While the website works for me, the stream links (still) seem to be all down.

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Back up! Seems to be sorted

Not quite sorted - I usually use the 320kbps stream to get artist and song info. No sign of the info now, so I checked and found that whichever stream I chose, I got the FLAC one.


I’ve just checked the new 320stream I added

And it seems OK. Do you see this stream?
You may need to reload the station.

I shall try reloading - thanks for the suggestion.


EDIT: That’s sorted it - thanks again @BrianW

Radio Paradise have sort of fixed their problems. Their published streams now work but only via a redirection which is usually transparent. However it causes Roon some problems. I have now fixed all RP streams using the explicit redirection. Everything should work.

The problem is geofencing. The redirection only works in the US. The redirected stream however works everywhere.
The website happily plays anywhere so I don’t see any problem with using the new streams.

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having troubles again today. The links from Roon’s database (that start with don’t seem to work. The links from their website seem to work (for example

They’ve been re-directing again. This is annoying. And for you too, many apologies.

Trying to fix If it now.

RP main should be working.

We need to do better on this. Apologies again.

Samme issue again, it doesn’t work!

Which channel? I’ve just tried it and it seems ok

Working for me as well.

Works again, must been a short breakdown.

Trying lots of RP streams, I must admit some seem particularly slow today.