Anyone else having trouble with Phantom II after latest software update?

My Phantom II pair did a software update this morning and then I wasted 90 minutes with multiple resets to just get both back online again and seen by Roon.
The problem now is that is impossible to merge them as a stereo pair again, every attempt results in at least one crashing and subsequently disappearing from the network, requiring yet another reset.
Both play just fine as separate endpoints through Roon and other streaming services.
They had been a stereo pair for years prior to this morning update.
Anyone else had this occur?

And yes I have sent message to Devialet customer service, this is more a “has it happened to anyone else” topic.

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I know this will not help as I lack the Phantom II’s, but the other month my uber high end HomePods did something very similar.

My issue was both showed they had updated, same version, both showed separately in Roon and the Apple Home app. But they would not pair correctly.

I had to factory reset them, and double check they were up to date. It turned out one of them had failed to update properly and it subsequently updated again.

You mention resets, is this factory resets?

A quick search via Google doesn’t turn up much from the past few days.

Are these on WiFi?

According to the Devialet app both are on same firmware version, yes factory reset process been done countless times.
Both on Ethernet.
Both are perfectly fine as separate endpoints and can switch from one to the other at will via Roon.
But they simply refuse to pair again.
I think I have to wait and see what priceless nuggets Devialet customer service offers.
Be interesting also to see how long before they respond… bearing in mind it’s the weekend.

And it’s not the same Phantom giving trouble each time, it’s whichever one I try to merge into the existing one that crashes in the attempt.
So I if I start with L and try to add R, then R crashes. And if I start with R and try to add L then L crashes
So it’s the process of trying to make a stereo pair again that’s got fubar somehow, not a fault of any individual Phantom it seems.

Does sound like a firmware bug

Have you attempted pairing them with them on the dreaded WiFi?

Nope…might if I can be a$$ed tomorrow morning, nfi right now :smile:


Couldn’t see anything in the unofficial Devialet Chat forum either. Fingers crossed their support team picks up on your support request.

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Yep with you on that, Have a good night’s sleep and you will be Ace in the morning. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Sorry, could not resist. Hope it gets sorted for you.


And as per usual…it fixed itself :thinking:
Well what I did was I left both units powered off overnight, powered both up, factory reset again and tried again and this time instant success.
Go figure…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Glad it’s sorted. Not glad it’s been a PIA

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Glad it is sorted. My off topic comment is that I was dumbfounded when I saw several Phantoms at some food vendors in the Newark airport of all places. Service was horrible so at least they had decent sound.


Welcome to Neu Joisey…The Garbage State :wink: