Anyone else in the UK having issues with Radio Paradise Stream this morning?

Trying to work out if it’s an infrastructure thing here, or a problem with the stream. Speedtest to the outside world is a reasonable 100mbps. Stream is going choppy after a couple of minutes of playback and eventually gives up and flakes out.

Working fine for me in London.

No problem for me also.

What about other stations? Has anything changed in your system?

OK, that’s good to know.

Hi, well we only really listed to Radio Paradise or BBC Radio 6 in the workshop here. Flicking through a few other stations and these are fine. I left it running last night before I left work to test a DAC, came in this morning and it had stopped, so just restarted the stream, and it went choppy then stopped after a couple of minutes. Rebooted my machine and it did the same. It lasts a couple of minutes, starts dropping and stops. Nothing changed. I’ll try it from home on my ROCK at lunchtime to see how that performs.

An hour later it appears fine. I guess the stream just hadn’t had a cup of coffee…


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