Anyone fancy building a Roon group?

As I’m sitting here by myself of an evening playing around with my newly expanded library (love that Tidal integration and the collections feature - I’m discovering all sorts) I’m wondering if anyone with access to the Roon logos can set up a Roon group on Last.FM like the Sooloos one Nick set up already?


Ian, great idea. If the Roon guys in the US don’t get chance today, I’ll take a look tomorrow. IIRC it was easy enough to do when I did the Sooloos group.

Speaking of which - does Roon support

Feel free, I’ll get you whatever artwork you need

@music click on your profile and edit it. Last.FM is there

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OK…it is done.

@IanM Yes a very good idea.
@ncpl thanks for setting up, I’ve just joined it.

For those interested this is the Sooloos Hitchhiker group on

Great idea – I’m in!

Thanks @ncpl. I’ve joined up.

Excellent, I’ve joined too :grinning:

Joined! hey @Physh360 get in on this!