Anyone going to London CanJam next month?

Apologies for a small OT - are any of you guys going to be at the London CanJam next month?

I realise that not everyone on this thread is a headphone listener, but if I remember rightly a few of you are, including @jussi_laako himself (at least for testing purposes). :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thanks for making a new topic out of this and apologies, should have done this in the first place.

I’m going.
Should be good to meet some people.

So far never been at any of the events. But probably I should attend at some point, given that most of my listening is through headphones.

But so far my schedule is such that I cannot attend anything before March '24.


Great stuff, I’ll hopefully see you there!

@jussi_laako I’m going for the first time this year. I’ve reached a stage in this hobby where I’d prefer to listen to lots of different stuff before committing to another purchase. It’d would be good to see you at the one next year, or if not CanJam then perhaps the big audio event in Munich which I believe is held every May?

I’ve been attending every Munich show for past 10 years or something.

(for me, this year’s highlight was introduction of Ferrum Wandla)

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No wonder, since it’s got some of your magic (filters) in it :smiley: Reviews have been really positive so far, Ferrum must have done quite a bit of tweaking to make PCM sound outstanding if it’s really that good. It’ll be a good unit for those looking for a plug-n-play solution.

Or if one needs HDMI for video cases for example. Although I have not tested how much total delay there is.

CanJams are always fun and highly informative. @jussi_laako CanJams are also a terrific way of reaching the target audience for HQ Player. I suggest that you attend the London CanJam as a regular participant and reach out to the CanJam staff (either Jude or Ethan) regarding the possibility of exhibiting at a future CanJam. I believe that you will not regret it.