Anyone here able to create something like the elgato plugin for Steelseries devices?

I saw the Elgato Streamdeck plugin, which looks great.
As a Steelseries keyboard (and mouse) owner, I see these devices having a display. And the steelseries software allows showing the current tidal track name.
Maybe someone would like to try and build a plugin that does the same for a Roon zone.
The docs:
GitHub - SteelSeries/gamesense-sdk

I have the SteelSeries Apex Pro (about a week) and Stream Deck (got it yesterday).

Would definately be nice see the current track/album displayed on the keyboard! :+1:

But I’d like to see a more advanced Stream Deck plugin. I’m sure it would be possible to do a lot more with the Stream Deck than the current plugin does. :thinking:

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Created something myself: DIY option to have Steelseries keyboard and/or mouse with OLED screen show your Roon now playing information

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