Anyone interested in cheap volume control knob that works with the Web extension?

Sure. It keeps track of the state of the extensions, meaning that running extensions are automatically restarted in case of a system reboot.

@MenloBob Where are we at publishing the code? If not yet ready as extension, would it be possible to publish it on github?
Looking forward in testing and using it. I already have the controler.

I would also be very interested in this solution.
My wife would be overjoyed to have a simple knob like that. In fact, upon reading this thread I have just ordered a volume knob - just in the hope of maybe getting it to work.

Wouldn’t that also be a great addition to RoPieee?
Maybe we could get @spockfish interested in the project?

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I like to let you know that I have published a Respberry Pi image for the Microsoft Surface Dial

I use it since some weeks now and I can’t imagine having to do without it again. Hope this is also a useful extension for you.

It is compatible with any Roon Ready playback device and with the roon bridge. You don’t need a Windows PC and it also works with Roon Nucleus.