roo6D - The wireless high-end physical volume knob for Roon

In this thread I like to introduce and support roo6D as part of the the rooExtend platform ( It is the ultimate physical volume knob for Roon based on the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless (SpaceMouse Wireless - Official 3Dconnexion UK store).

This high-end device looks great and feels substantial. With its 6 degrees of freedom (3 rotation axes, 3 translation axes) you can control any playback aspect of your system. All the important playback controls of Roon are operated by a small twist or push of the knob. The knob has a high-end feel with build-in rechargeable battery that lasts for a month. Due to its weight (approx. a pound, 450 grams) and rugged base, it sits firmly on any surface and does not slip.

A slight twist of the knob permits very sensitive control of the volume. Seeking forward and backward inside a track is easy by pushing the knob to the right and left. Pressing down on the knob pauses/unpauses the music. Two physical buttons on the left and right of the knob permit to skip to the next and previous track.

roo6D is fully configurable, so you can adapt if to your specific needs. For example, switch off you system by pushing forward on the knob and switch it on again by pressing down to unpause playback.

For easy setup, two videos are available that explain the setup procedure step by step. I recommend using a Raspberry Pi4 with a nice case (Flirc Raspberry Pi 4 Case), plug-in the included Universal receiver and a SD-Card flashed with the rooExtend image and you are done.

With this setup a single Pi4 supports both roo6D and rooDial for controlling seperate listening zones. Alternatively use several SpaceMouse Wireless devices and Raspberry Pi4s to drive each listening zone in your network.

roo6D is the result of a close cooperation between me and @Klaus_Engel sharing his knowledge of the SpaceMouse Wireless. Together we made a plug-and-play solution that can be installed by anybody within in a few minutes.

Using roo6D, no touch screen or clunky remote control distracts from the perfect listening experience. roo6D is the ultimate add-on for your high-end music system.


I used to work in an engineering firm where the CAD people had these things. I remember they felt extremely well made and responsive. I have no experience with the Microsoft dial, but this appeals to me much more. Thanks!


Looks nice, but can I use my pi-zero for this as well or does it really need a more powerful Pi?
What is the distance the Spacemouse can be away from the pi?
And does it have a noticable timeout like the Surface Dial does?

  • Yes, it runs with Pi Zero W you need an adapter cable to plug the wireles receiver in there. I showed that in my videos.
  • Microsoft Surface Dial does more than 10m with a wall inbetween. The transmitter in the SpaceMouse seems not to be not that strong. But it nicely works up to 10m without a wall.
  • There is no timeout at all, it is always on (if not switched off manually). It uses its proprietary wireless transmission protocol as a (non bluetooth) wireless mouse does. Therefore no Bluetooth wakeup delay :+1:

This is the Universal Receiver that is included with the SpaceMouse Wireless:

You can use a microUSB to USB type-A adapter for the pi-zero. There is no delay when using the SpaceMouse Wireless in any situation.

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Some more additions that might be interesting:

  • roo6D is compatible with 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Wireless, SpaceMouse Compact, SpaceNavigator, SpaceMouse Pro and SpaceMouse Pro Wireless. We recommend the SpaceMouse Wireless, since it is compact, wireless and supports all the features. But if you happen to have any of the other devices, feel free to use them too.
  • In wired mode, the blue LED is ON during playback. In wireless mode it is always off to preserve battery.
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@DrCWO if I already have your excellent system for a Surface Dial set up (thank you - have a lifetime license); do I need a new license to be able to download and use the new version with a SpaceMouse setup? Or will my existing license allow me to download new version and setup with SpaceMouse?


Hallo Rachel,

To make the long story short:
Yes you need an additional license for roo6D but you can continue with you Raspberry Pi zero W that will serverse the Surface Dial and the SpaceMouse simultaneously.


@DrCWO thank you very much! Is a new (second) license also needed if I wish to only use the SpaceMouse, and stop using the SurfaceDial?

Hello Rachel,
the short answer is yes.

Please let me explain:
Developing roo6D was a bigger effort than developing rooDial. If I were to reimburse rooDial, I would have twice the expense and only once the inflow from the license sale. This kind of policy will disable me in the long run to develop new Roon Extensions we all will like. I ask for your understanding.


@DrCWO many thanks for clarifying - good to know. Cheers!

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Hello - for the Pi 4, is there a minimum memory requirement, or is the 2GB sufficient?

2GB is enough for all extensions included in rooExtend now.
I can’t tell for the future. I still have plans :wink:

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Small video demonstrating Roo6D and RooDial in action on the same zone. (Remark: Roo6d and RooDial can control different zones from one RPI !) Because I may not upload a video too here, I provide a google photo link. Works perfectly thx @DrCWO


thank’s for your demo.

You showed that rooDial and roo6D control the same zone. I like to point out, that also differnet zones can be controlled in such a setup.

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Hello! I use an M1 Mac mini for my Roon Core - can the Spacemouse and be used with the roo6D and a Mac? Please advise.

The Roon extension runs on a Raspberry Pi and is compatible with Roon servers on all platform also with Mac M1.

The nice thing about this solution is that you can connect the SpaceMouse to your home audio system anywhere using a small Raspberry Pi box connected to your network. I have Roon Server on a Mac Mini M1 and use roo6D without any issues.

Splendid! That is the path I am on. Thank you for the confirmation!

A few questions … The rooExtend Guide 1.4.0 says only the rooDial can be run with its Raspberry Pi on WiFi, because the other extensions transfer audio data. But it seems like roo6D doesn’t do that. So will it work on WiFi? Also, the manual says if you plug the 3D mouse into a PC with the driver installed, you can’t use the mouse to control Roon any more. Does that mean never, or just that you have to go through the Roon setup again? I ask because the 3D mouse arrived before the Raspberry Pi did, and I tried it out on my Mac to make sure it worked.