Anyone know how to contact real human help on Qobuz?

I have a simple question about why it won’t log me in to read articles on the sub domain when I’m already logged into my account on the main page. It keeps wanting to sell me a new subscription just to let me read an article. Telling me to “join qobuz to read the full article.”

I’m joined. For $250/year worth of a “sublime” membership. And I’m logged in to my account. And there’s no link to access live support that I can see. “Help” just takes you to a bunch of FAQ links.

Qobuz support can be reached at Qobuz Customer Service
Response time is not always great, but acceptable.

I have tried to open your link, but I am presented with the general Qobuz main page.
Is it the Magazine page you are trying to reach, or is it something else?


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You have to go through a bunch of questions to get to help articles, but at the bottom there’s a contact button.

Also, they are active here:

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Thanks. I got lazy and didn’t copy the whole link. The specific page I was trying to read is at

I just tried it and to read the full article it opened my Qobuz app, which I am signed in under. D you have a Qobuz desktop app? trying signing in and see what happens

Edit: Sorry I should have been more clear. Clicking the link. you provided bring me to the web page. It is when I click on the “Read More” button that it opens the application. Probably does not help your situation but I just wanted to clear that up

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I suppose that would work, but I’m on the web app, because the store isn’t available on the desktop or mobile apps and I’m “shopping.”

So do I have to use the desktop app to read articles and then go back over to web app to purchase? If the answer to that question is yes, then maybe someone missed the chapter on “customer experience” at internet retail school methinks. If the answer is no then I’m missing something.

And actually, to answer your question, no. I click on my own link and it opens in a browser, not the Q app. FWIW, I’m on an iPad at the moment. But it has the Q mobile app on it.

The answer is YES

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Well then that just begs the obvious question. If I can’t read the article on the web interface, but have to “join” Q to read it, despite being already joined, which then forces me over to a different app—either desktop or mobile—what’s the point in even putting that content online?

Just a sales gimmick. That’s unfortunate. So yes, someone missed the class on “customer experience” at internet school.

I understand your point of view, but a simple ‘workaround’ is just to instaal the Qobuz ‘windows or mac’ app on your desktop. You will go (almost) automatically from the desktop to the app to read the content.

I agree there are better ways to do it, but I believe they have other things they need to work on 1st.


I agree that everyone has bigger fish to fry. This is not something that is keeping me up at night.

But the app doesn’t open when I click the link. Tho the apps are installed on every device I have. I’ll just play around with it until Qobuz responds.

Thanks for jumping in with your thoughts. I’m pretty sure I’ll survive this First World problem.

Unfortunately, I have had a bad experience with the support. The chat/chatbot gets all the detailed information about a purchase. The chat window has been showing for 1.5 hours that support will be back in 30 minutes.
Support has also not responded by email for three days, which is unacceptable in my opinion for a non-functioning link to an “expensive” album purchase.
So bot without function and without reliable real support situation

I used the chatbot last week to complain about a purchase - two tracks on an album were not downloadable - and got a full response and satisfactory resolution within 24 hours. The support representative offered me a complementary purchase of any other album of my choice while the issue was being investigated. They also followed up with the explanation of why the tracks were not available (they were recorded in a different format to the rest of the album) and said that this would be corrected in their system so that mixed formats in an album would not cause download failures in the future.

Lucky you and yes that sounds like a very good solution. Also this morning for me from 09:00 was only the message “we are back in 30min”. 1,5h later I asked for an update in the open chat window, automatic answer “should get a message by email”. That was all for me again today, no one can be reached :frowning_face:

I used the chatbot too, it took several days for someone to get back to me, usually when I’m not around. Very slow with the back and forth but I did get to chat with someone.