Anyone tried to put Roon Server or Rock on an AWS instance or VPC?

Please advise, keen to give it a try…

won’t work on remote servers…a VM works but must be on the same network as your endpoints and remotes - maybe you mean VM=VPC?. As Roon is quite a heavy resource user I’m not sure it would be the best thing to do.

This should be classified under “very bad idea”.

You could make it work (unofficially) if you create a ZeroTier network and have the Roon Server system in AWS join that network, as well as ALL your endpoints (so you’d mainly be using RPIs or NUCs as your endpoints and not any gear from audio companies, since you need access to the OS to install ZeroTier).

However, Amazon charges you for egress data transfer out of AWS. You will send a LOT of data out from AWS while playing music, since all music gets handled by the Roon Server and then streamed as raw PCM/DSD to the endpoint. This will rack up data egress charges FAST. Especially if you have Roon doing any upsampling… DSD512 is ~50Mbit/s…

cool thanks for the guidance! good point re the data transfer!