Anyone using a universal remote to control Mytek Brooklyn DAC?

I’ve recently jumped back aboard the Roon train and am loving it! In rearranging my gear, I have moved my Mytek Brooklyn DAC (the non-plus version) out of arms-reach from my desk, therefore making it tricky to tweak the volume knob without having to get up and cross the room - first world problems, I know!

I have a (now discontinued) Neeo universal remote which allows me to control Roon (via a community made hack to the Neeo) and to simulate either an Apple TV or RC5 remote which are both compatible with the Brooklyn. however, the one function that isn’t working is the Standby setting. I can turn volume up and down, switch inputs etc. But not turn the unit on/off.

Just wondering if anyone out there currently uses a universal remote with the Brooklyn and if so, could let me know if/how they managed to get the standby function to work.