Anyone using an OKTO DAC8 Pro for multichannel under Linux?

I welcome comments and discussion about channel mapping and other experiences.

@mitr, as I’m one of the latest to get an Okto and I’m but number 111, there are not too many Okto MCH users out there. Is there something in particular you’d like me to test with mine? In the Linux world, I have DietPi RPi3s running RoonBridge around the house, but via USB I’ve heard that MCH doesn’t work. I’ve not tried with the Okto, however. I also have a microRendu which I believes runs Linux and I could repurpose for some testing if useful, as I’ve not run the Okto through that, either. Let me know if I can help. I’ve provided my separate feedback to the Roon team on channel mapping issues, which posts you’ve likely seen.

Unrelated, but given that your (current/former) day job was in neuroscience, I did send a LinkedIn invite to you since I thought I might thereafter connect you with one of our daughters who is working her post-doc in neuroscience at the University of Minnesota.

Yes, multichannel does work under Linux with Roon but there are issues which I have been working through. However, I am less than a novice with Linux so I am seeking others who have tried it to find out their experiences. I will share mine later.

I must have missed it but I get so many invites at LinkedIn that I ignore them unless the sender is familiar. As for Neuroscience, I am now Emeritus and almost out of the game.

@mitr, got the new Stereophile today and enjoyed your praise of the Okto dac8pro. I look forward to JA’s measurements. Cheers. JCR

Thanks and I am glad to have it back from him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, so you had to send yours back for warranty work? I hadn’t understood that.

No. I meant that I am glad to have it back from JA after testing.

Ah, got it. Well, do you now think the Okto performance matches that of your e38? JCR