Anyone wall mounted a Bluesound Node?

I’m thinking of wallmounting my Bluesound Node to use it as a headphone endpoint near a relax chair.
I found a universal media player mount on Amazon.


The unit will be placed behind the curtains, so looks are not important.

Has anyone wallmounted a Node or has a better solution?

Not done it but I sure don’t see any problem with it.
Probably be a neat solution.
Share pictures if you go that route.

I’m waiting for the Bluesound Hub to replace my Node 2, currently used to distribute TV audio to a Bluesound Soundbar in the kitchen.

My Bluesound Hub is arriving on Friday. :sunglasses:

The Hub arrived on Thursday. Setup took just a few minutes. I installed the Node 2 on a side table on castors, connected over WiFi and that works fine.
I purchased a long replacement power cord. That is far cheaper than a long decent headphone cable. :sunglasses:

Why not use some 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips? A lot cheaper and fare more flexible to use.

I have used them for paintings, photos, Sky Q boxes, EEROs. Could easily take handle the weight of a Node.

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Good suggestion. I ordered some.

I finally didn’t wall mount but I recovered my wife’s bedside table. :smirk:

And I added my Aune X7s class A headphone amp with Aune XP1 LPS as the Dan Clark Stealth headphone shine when properly powered.