AP-Linux (Audiophile Linux) - How to get Roon to play with it?

As above,
Installed AP-Linux this evening and theres no obvious way to get Roon running on it.

Im a Linux noob and migrated across to linux with the intent of installing Roonserver on it and having a rock solid RoonCore for my digital setup.

genuinely stumped, I’m guessing I need to load up Roon from a USB drive?

any advice appreciated, thanks.

I figured it out.
Easy Installer cut n paste, :slight_smile:

One thing though, I have a 4TB hard drive in my linux box which I want to take ownership of (to access it) then change the fstab file (I think) to have it constantly mounted after rebooting.

Obviously I dont want to wipe any data from the drive, whats the best way to get access to the drive and set the system up so Roon can find it to scan my music?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Logged in as non-root user type ‘menu’. Use the local or remote mount option. It’s all scripted for you.

See audio-linux.com and the thread on audiophilestyle.com in music servers.

Yeah…managed to figure it out and use the really helpful scripts from the Roon FAQ here.

Using Audiophile Linux (AP_Linux_ which is based on Arch Linux.
Roon seems mega snappy browsing between albums compared to my previous Ubuntu Server setup.

One thing?
As a Linux Noob, I’m wanting to mount my existing 4TB hard drive of music in the linux system so Roon can see it, scan my music and I can get up and running.

Looking into Fstab and the like, dont want to cock it up and accidently lose my music through an accidental reformat or repartition!

Basically I just want a black box to be my Roon core, but want it to sound as good as possible.
AP Linux sounds noticeably better than what I had before, just the hard drive of music to set up as a last to-do.

My Setup has two hard drives, a 112GB SSD for Arch Linux install
and a 4TB mechanical drive with my music on it.

Output from an Fdsik -l?
A Linux Install SSD with 2 partitions:
/Dev/sdb1 as 4GB swap partition
/Dev/sdb2 as 108GB main install partition (set to Boot)

Mechanical 4TB spinner ntfs formatted with my music on it:
/Dev/sda1 - 128MB Microsoft Reserved
/Dev/sda2 - 3.7TB Microsoft basic date (MUSIC!)

Any help with the specifics of editing my fstab (or whatever i need to do, would be much appreciated)

*I have created Directories called “Music” and “Media”