Aphex Twin - ...I Care Because You Do - Not recognised at all?!

This one’s got me beat. All my other Aphex/AFX albums (even The Tuss albums!) are recognised perfectly. But this one can’t be identified. Folder name is “Aphex Twin - …I Care Because You Do {2017 Reissue}” :thinking:

I have that album and it is identified correctly by Roon. The album folder name I have is slightly different: _…I Care Beacuse You Do
I don’t remember ever putting the underscore there so my ripping software must have done that.

A lot of issues can happen with albums (or track/artist names) when starting with “…*”. Copying issues in Linux/Mac systems spring to mind.
Make sure track count and times are consistent with online info?

Something clearly is out of order here, “Mixed track formats” and 1hr 48min album with one disc? Probably not… :slight_smile:

And I’ve got to the bottom of it. This is the 2017 Reissue that WARP did as a digital download. It’s got 20 tracks, and it turns out the number of tracks must be super important for Roon!

I removed the additional tracks from the folder, and it was identified perfectly. Sadly when I put the tracks back in the folder it de-identified. :frowning: So I guess I’ll just have to live with it not identified.

You should try agai manual identification process. Click on the ‘unidentified’ then click Identify Album, choose …I Care Because You Do then when you ge to the Let’s make sure everything is in order screen, there are 7 different versions of the album you can choose from. For me the second version shows the 2017 web release it’s 20 track so that should be the one you go for.

Huzzah! All working now. Not sure if anything was changed on the Roon side of things, but everything looking great.

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