Aphex Twin logo is low res

If artist logos are being encouraged I feel there should be a resolution floor for user uploads.

At the moment the correct or most appropriate logo image is very low resolution for some artists.

The only option for Aphex Twin’s iconic logo on Art Director is around 150x150px. In this case the other options are RDJ’s less legible wordmark or what can only be described as a bunch of fan art. In this situation voters have chosen the best logo in terms of content but its image file is not technically good enough for a modern user interface.

I’m happy to source a high resolution version of the logo but would need clearance from the label first to satisfy any misgivings about copyright.

There was a better one but it was flagged as not good.

I have fixed them.

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Was this low-res logo a user upload or sourced from a commercial database? If it was the latter I would complain.

Not a user upload :frowning:

We have one source that gives us low-resolution images when they have no other. Very lame. I was hoping the favoriting feature would just get all these eliminated.