API for Direct streaming

Are there any chances to see a Roon API to stream an arbitrary URL (a la Squeezebox server).
It could open up development of tons of plugins (Podcast player, connector to other sources of music on the web, etc.).

Any thoughts Roon team? Cheers.

I believe the only thing we can hope for is “the input device”. Some of the central Roon guys have talked about this, but there is no indication if/when it will arrive…

I installed Icecast2 and liquidsoap yesterday. With moderate effort, I was able to transcode and re-stream files back to my Roon server as OGG/FLAC. It works. Just super hacky.
I will post my scripts here once I clean them up. It might inspire the Roon guys. :wink:

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Yes, nice! Basically same as this one:

Yes. I made a Python wrapper with the Python API so I can pull the file, pass it to Icecast2 and then switch Roon to it with a single command. For instance:
$ ./restream.py https://rss.art19.com/episodes/5a185ba1-66e8-4764-8dbb-5efecfc7a892.mp3

The code is at https://github.com/lfontanel/Roon-FLAC-restreamer with a decent README.


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