Apk file for Roon ARC version 1.0.54?

Hello, understand that the play store now has Roon ARC of version 1.0.54. However, as I want to install it to my A&K SP3000, I need to find the APK file. In Roon website the file is still 1.0.53 and earlyaccess file is build 274. Where can I get the APK file for v1.0.54 build 276?

Thank you.

Hi Edward the latest version is always available from the link here.


Hi Michael,
Thank you for your advice. However, this is ver 1.0.53 build 272, not the latest one (1.0.54 build 276).

Hi Edward it is normally updated right away.
Tagging @support to see if they can update it.

I just downloaded it and can confirm that it is 1.0.53 after all

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Thank you @Michael_Harris and @Edward_Lau, we’ve updated the link. :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Benjamin, thank you!

I also have the SP-3000 but have never installed ARC
How do you find ARC on the unit?

ARC works well on my sp3k except everything is sampled to 48k. If an attached dac is used it is bit perfect to 768k. I use a mojo 2.

Interesting; thanks that’s good to know. I have a ton of my own music on the unit and have their HC 4 when I listen via ARC on my iPhone, so I won’t bother installing on the 3000

Just copy the apk file to OpenService folder in SP3000 and then install it.

Thanks; i upgraded from the 1000 and it’s a superb unit but I only listen on it when I’m out walking the dog and have lots of hi-res and dsd albums on the sd card so I think I won’t bother. [I have ARC on my iPhone when I’m out and only want one device with me]