Apple Airplay with Devialet Phantom Gold Speakers

I’m currently using Roon on my IMac to play to my Phantom Gold Speakers by Apple Airplay.
I think Airplay only allows CD quality playback hence I’m not able to upgrade my sound using Roon.
Is there a way round this?
Devialet Phantoms only physical input is a digital optical input otherwise Bluetooth.

Older iMacs had combined headphone / SPDIF out - don’t know if that would be an option for you?

Unfortunately not.

Phantom user here. You could use a streamer box (e.g., a Raspberry Pi with a digital auto HAT) to connect to one of the Phantoms’ optical inputs. (N.b., the optical inputs on the speakers are more reliable than the one on the Dialogue.) Or you could use a USB–>optical converter from your iMac.

Personally, I have a Mac Mini, and use its optical output. In the past, I used a Pi as described above, connected to Roon via Ethernet. Both work great.

I should add: I wouldn’t say that the sound via optical is better than via Airplay, although optical is capable of higher bitrates. The biggest advantages (to me, at least) are that Airplay through the Dialogue was sometimes glitchy and that it has that pesky two-second delay. Optical avoids both of those. The one downside of going the optical route is that you lose native Roon volume control–perhaps not a problem if you use the Phantom remote.

Thanks for your advice Andrew.