Apple / Android control device

I actually sat down to listen to some music on my main system a couple of times in the last few days. I use an iPad Mini 4 and having used my iPhone 8 noticed how sluggish the Mini 4 was - I tried using an iPad from 2018 and it was much faster so I have decided it is time to replace the Mini 4. As you will see above I am used to using apple products but I would be happy to try an android device if that looks like a better option, I’ve used Android tablets and do not have a specific preference for apple or android. I guess my requirements are for a large screen 10+ inches and I want it to be pretty fast. Apart from roon I will probably just use the browser and maybe a few other apps. So just looking for recommendations…

Hi Paul I live in both ecosystems and generally prefer Android to IOS for most things.

While I use my Android phone for most of my Roon usage, I feel that Roon put much more effort into the IOS app than Android so think you would probably be better off with a new iPad, depending if you want access to DSP features and the odd thing that is better implemented on IOS.

Only benefit on Android is the additional app like it’roXs! Which is excellent and gives you native Media controls in the lock screen and notification menu. Probably the reason I have moved back to using my Android controller so much.



Thanks Michael.

Hi Paul. I often use my android phone for convenience because it’s what’s in my hand. But for dedicated listening, I prefer my iPad. It’s a more satisfying experience as a controller. And it’s great if you want to listen to some classical music via Qobuz as the CD booklet is very often available and this is much better to read on iPad. Also, I believe the Android apps have limited or no editing functionality, and I do use that — or at least that has been the case on my Android mobile. I’ve never seen ROON on an Android tablet. Hopefully, someone else will tell you about that. From my experience, I recommend iPad.

Thanks for the reply. I also use my phone much of the time and use the tablet when listening to my main system. The android tablet version does support the edit option etc as far as I know. The main reason for looking at a replacement tablet is the fact that when I switch between the phone and the iPad mini - the Mini is noticeably slower…

Thanks again

I’ve used both android tablets and ipads as a controller. My normal default is android, but to be honest, apple makes the best tablets. I currently use a 2019 standard ipad and it’s the best option for me. Better value then the android tablets at that price.

Thanks for the information. It is interesting because I was kind of expecting more people to be suggesting Android tablets but it looks like the iPad route might be looking like the better option. Certainly looking at the cost of high spec Android tablets they don’t look any cheaper than apple.

Thanks again for your input.

Sadly Paul that is true.
The basic iPad is great value and cheaper than most good Android tablets. It does make a very good Roon controller as well.
I am sure you will be very happy with that purchase.