Apple homepods linked together

I have two Apple Homepods set up to work together in stereo on my wifi network. When I try to play something via my roon core I can only choose one homepod at a time and it plays in mono. When I link them together it will not play a song via the roon core. It tries to and then stops. However, I can play the homepods in stereo using my Qobuzz app direct or any other source via airplay it just won’t let me play both homepods in stereo via the roon core. Any thoughts?

This is a known requirement. I have three sets of Homepods going unused with Roon.

Hi @Larry_Witt,

At this time you are not able to play to play to Homepod stereo pairs in Roon. I would recommend adding to the Feature Request here: AirPlay 2 Support in Roon for Paired HomePods


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