Apple iOS vs Android for Roon

Just my take, but I recently switched from a Samsung Tablet to an iPad to be my Roon remote in my home office. It’s an old iPad Air that I had recently swapped out for the new model.

The iPad is a lot better than the Android. If you’re having problems with the Android, maybe give an iPad/iPhone a shot. You certainly don’t need the latest models either.

Perhaps you could elaborate on exactly what it is that is better…I have only used an iPad Air for tablet use but my Android phone works fine too.

I have 2 tablets. One is seen by Roon as a phone interface and the other has iPad rivalling screen estate and slickness. It is tough to say Apple is better than Android because Android varies significantly based on model and OS version.

Thought I would re activate this topic, as it may help others…
I got fed up of only using my phone for roon and missing out on full functions you get on a computer. So for £120 I took a chance, Acer icona 1. It works great and sits on the coffee table, just for music stuff.

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Are those Tannoys I see there. XT6F or 8F? Also where did that stand for the tablet come from?

I know I am going to get some flak for saying this, but that is IMHO the right use of android with Roon. Leave the audio to iOS devices if you need mobile playback.

(Chromecast audio excepted form above)


Yes CrystalGipsy XT6f and old Mecury V1 I use for the TV, and heavy metal, lol. For some reason they sound better.
I made the stand, I couldn’t find anything that worked.

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Until the work they are doing on refactoring Android audio side is done. Hopefully not too long.

I have a pair of XT6F too.

:smile: it’s always good to know your not alone, lol

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How do you find them? In my room it took sometime to get the best position and then they still had too much bass and a tad bright. Now I use some Room EQ from HAF and they are sounding great and how they did on demo.

I dont find them bright at all, but that can depend on amps and ears, but I’ve always liked more treble. the bass can sometimes get out of hand but I just stuff the ports, I leave them blocked quite often unless I want some heavy bass. I find them better when not toed in and they are about 2mtr apart and I sit about 3 mtr away…

Similar to me in position but mine are near the walls at the sides so might be the reason they are so bright for me. Could not get on with them toed in as there own recommendation at all.

Have you had a play with roon parametric eq.

I did but settled for convolution got better results. Took readings and sent them to HAF. Sounds great now.

Interesting, I just had a look at the haf site, do they send you some sort of dsp filter, does this install on to roon…

You basically have to use a calibrated mic and software such as REW. Take readings using the sweep file they provide and send them on with a wav of a favourite track. He will then make any adjustments based on the readings to get as a neutral output and address as much of the room issues that can be treated. To test he will send the wav back with the adjustments baked in to see if you want to proceed. If you do pay upfront and then he will send in a .zip that you load into the convolution filter in Roon. You then need to enable some headroom in the DSP engine to ensure no clipping. You can iterate after that to fine tweak.