Apple Mac Mini vs Nucleus Plus

Roon Core:
Mac mini (2018), 3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

Sound system/Pathway:
Ethernet connected to Lumïn D2 with an SBooster, analogue connection to Marantz SR7013, Power amplified (bi-amped) C/L/R channels by Marantz MM8077, Totem Tribe 3 Speakers

I use Mac Mini, and I have recently read and watched a lot of online information about electronic jitter and the noise that is fed into the DAC as source unnecessary distortion. I use the Mac mini as my workstation (working on a big screen (65" Panasonic OLED connected to the Mac mini via HDMI output), while listening to Roon music. I need some concrete, experienced answers, please. No hypotheticals!

Would there be an SQ advantage to move the Roon Core to a dedicated Nucleus Plus connecting directly to my streamer/DAC (Lumïn D2) unit?


I think the Lumin D2 should take care of any jitter or noise for you.


In a word, no.


I dare say the D2 does a decent job of minimising the effect of any RFI etc. but it’s naive to think that any device can eleminate it completely. Macs are not the quietest electrical devices out there, although how much better the Nucleus is, I wouldn’t know.

Having said that, Roon recommend using a network connection between Core and Endpoint, which allows you to put plenty of physical distance between them and power them from different mains circuits. So I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


Why not Ethernet? I mean network

Thanks, fro what I read, there is not much to be gained, if any by switching. That’s reassuring.

Khang! I’m not sure I understand your question. I have connected the Mac Mini (Roon Core) and the D2 with ethernet cable connection.

For SQ upgrade, the money may be better spent elsewhere, such as a stereo preamp with HT bypass, RCA input (from SR7013 pre-out), XLR input (from D2), and XLR output to power amp, with the ability to convert RCA input to XLR output.

Another alternative configuration you may experiment with that does not involve buying another piece of equipment is this: Shutdown the power amp. In D2, enable both Volume Control and Leedh Processing Volume, turn down the D2 volume to a very low level, connect the XLR output directly to the power amp and configure the latter to use balanced input. Turn on the power amp, play some music and raise the Lumin volume back to your normal listening levels using Roon (or Lumin app). See this removal of SR7013 from the chain gains you transparency.

I mean both of your device connect to network.

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