Apple Music High Res

Just to confirm. From Mac via Airplay system-wide: 14/44.1

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…and lossless disappeared into thin Air…Play. :slight_smile:

Seriously, as @dabassgoesboomboom said: back to enjoying the music.

Everything will be alright. The Music app will be fixed to properly handle Apple Music through AirPlay.


What a dogs dinner!

I am sure it will get resolved……eventually, maybe in another 20 years if we look at ‘apple speed’.

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Hopefully people are reporting these issues with Apple, otherwise they won’t get fixed!

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Um, that ain’t right. It’s Audio Interchange File Format, and it always has been.


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I think back at Apple we used “Apple” interchangeably with “Audio”. But point taken.

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Lol. All this confusion about Apple Lossless and how to get it to actually play. Similar to Amazon, they are just checking off a box. Next!

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Haha you mean shouting at the clouds on this forum won’t work?


I have proven both steps (1) and (2) for 16/44.1 are lossless by playing Fairytales (MQA) from iPadOS 14.6 → AirPlay1 Lumin (at max volume) USB output → Full MQA DAC that shows MQA.

AirPlay2 to other streamers become AAC.

Same as the AudiophileStyle article showed. But his conclusion that Apple Music streaming is not bit perfect is strange (despite him confirming the same MQA finding as you).

Nice job ! Thanks

There are differences between AudiophileStyle investigation and mine:

  • AudiophileStyle tested USB output
  • I tested AirPlay1 and AirPlay2 output
  • AudiophileStyle did HDCD tests and the conclusion is based on that, he does not trust MQA
  • I only tested MQA CD. I would like to perform HDCD tests too, but we do not have HDCD hardware decoder. We even checked the Denon we have, but it seems they no longer supports HDCD.
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Yes all noted. I will be testing USB output with the FairyTale MQA album next week.

I saw in the comments section of the AudiophileStyle article someone questioned the validity of the supposed HDCD stream from Apple Music. Certainly raises eyebrows, given the MQA album works.

More testing next week. Until then, back to enjoying the music :grinning:

Some 2L MQA albums on Apple Music that can be verified via AirPlay1 to Lumin to an external USB Full MQA decoder DAC:

  • 16/44.1 Fairytales MQA
  • 16/44.1 Mozart Violin Concertos (MQA)
  • 16/44.1 Lux (feat. Trygve Seim … )
  • 16/44.1 Polarity - Hoff Ensemble
  • 16/44.1 Reflections - TrondheimSolistene
  • 16/44.1 Utopias - Radical Interpretations …

Also, I also think that lossiness/losslessness (had to write this, lol) can’t possibly be related to volume levels. There is a catch but I am unable to catch it. So, the Lumin issue is still open for me.

What issue?

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Say this out loud a few times :joy: losslessness

At least we have @wklie who’s having fun with the testing and needless to say we’re very grateful.


I have proved the losslessness.

If the question was why Lumin web page suggests max volume. It needs a few lines of explanations.

If you are using Lumin digital output to another DAC, you have to keep the Lumin / AirPlay volume to Max such that Lumin is not applying digital volume for output to the external DAC. Likewise re-sampling needs to be turned off.

If you are using Lumin analog output using built-in DAC, the AirPlay volume does not affect the losslessness.

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