But what do you think of the iPad and did you get a magic keyboard?

But what do you think of the iPad and did you get a magic keyboard?
I’m still on the 11 inch pro with magic keyboard and can’t decide on the 12.9 as I do hold mine a lot but it only leaves the house for holidays.

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My current iPad is an older iPad Mini 4. While it still works well, I really wanted this mostly for the additional 30GB of hotspot data. I now have 120GB hotspot between two iPhones and two iPads. I did not get a keyboard or case yet. We’ll see.

I have the new 12.9 + magic keyboard. Amazing. Might be faster than my 2017 IMac w/32 Ram.

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OK, this is weird. I just added a new 2021 iPad Pro 12.9-inch to my Verizon plan and got my bill reduced by $15 per month. That’s with a new line and no contracts and paying cash for the iPad. While my bill went up by $25 per month, they gave me a $40 per month “loyalty discount.”

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It might be faster, but the Mac isn’t locked down (jailed) as much as the iPad.

Although on a side note I have to say the Mac OS updates are getting a bit silly… if roon did updates like apple does, we wouldnt be complaining about 1.8 cause that ship would’ve sailed years ago and we’d be using Roon v7.0 right now. :joy:

I have had every 12.9" iPad Pro since the 1st generation, except the 2020 version. I now have the 2021 version and love the device. I am also using the Magic Keyboard from 2020, with my 2021, and it works just fine.

iPad Pro works well with Roon, but the Magic Keyboard doesn’t work for the most part with Roon, other than pointing and clicking.

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I bought the 2020 12.9" and I like it a lot. I prefer to use portrait mode as much as possible, and with the high resolution, it’s finally possible. I thought it would be inconveniently large to read e-books in bed, but it’s fine.

Like all iPads, the screen needs constant cleaning. I don’t understand why the iPhone seems to need less cleaning.

Never mind. I just got a message from FedEx that it will be here Friday. I hope I like it and don’t have to fool with swapping it.

Um, I’m actually finding the new one more smudge resistance.

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Good to know.

My (original) iPad Pro (10") no longer holds a battery charge more than 12 hours. It’s become my main Roon remote control but having it constantly tethered to power stinks. So I upgraded to the iPadPro with M1 (big one) and the Magic Keyboard arrived right away; still waiting on the actual iPad.

I used the larger iPad Pro for about 1.5 years in my previous job and loved it; but I think the keyboard stand will be a nice upgrade. I know I’'ll be using this for a lot more than just a Roon remote.

Hope you enjoy yours!

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I received my iPad Pro 12.9 this afternoon. I did not even open the Fed Ex
box and returned it to the local Verizon store. It is entirely too large for my purposes. I will order the 11 inch next week while in NC so it doesn’t arrive while I’m out of town.

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OK, problem solved for zero dollars. I really didn’t need another iPad as I already have an iPad Mini 4 with 30GB of hotspot data. That’s in addition to 30GB on my iPhone and 30GB on my wife’s iPhone for a total of 90GB hotspot data. That’s a lot of data, but I’m sometimes streaming Tidal and Qobuz for 2 weeks away from home.

So, I returned the iPad Pro 12.9 as well as the new Apple camera adapter I had purchased as it needed the USB-C version. Today, I visited the closest Verizon corporate store in Hickory, NC and got a free nano sim card for my iPad Mini 4 and activated a second line and phone number for it. So, for an additional $15 per month, I got an additional 30GB of hotspot data for a total of 120GB. I think that will do me and there are no contracts. I can drop any of my 4 lines anytime. Oh yes, I was able to get them to wave the $35 activation fee. I really like Verizon Wireless.

Oh yea, in the process of all this, they gave me a $40 per month “loyalty” discount.

EDIT: I’m hoping the new iPad Mini 6 is as good as rumors indicate. It might be 5G. If so, I’ll grab one of those and put it on this 4th line I just added. My wife can have my old iPad Mini 4 which I’ll use occasionally for the hotspot data.