Apple Plalylist

I’m trying to export my Apple playlists to Roon and Arc, and what seems to be happening is that only the tracks that I’ve ripped to my hard drive are showing up. Songs that I’ve added to my Apple Music library (but which are not rips) aren’t there. I’ve read the support article where you’re supposed to export your Apply Music Library to an “Library.XML” file and import it in Roon, and done that. Am I missing something, or does Roon not work with Apple the way it does with Tidal?

Have you tried Soundiiz?

Edit: just re-read your post. Apple Music to Roon. Don’t think it’ll work.

I used Soundiz to send Apple playlist to Tidal and Qobuz. They soon showed up in Roon.


I did what Jim did.
It worked nicely.

Roon doesn’t integrate with Apple Music so it seems logical to me that only tracks from your Apple library that are also in your Roon library would appear using the xml export method.

Tracks coming from Apple Music’s catalogue (the streaming service) contain DRM. Roon can’t “see” or play them. That is expected.