Apple Routers, not recommended?

I read somewhere in the ROON set up guides that Apple routers are not recommended for use with ROON Ethernet streaming. I have been successfully using an Apple router in my set up for quite some time (ROON on Mac Mini, Ethernet to Sonore renderer(s), and am wondering why the Apple, routers are not recommended?

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If everything works in your setup, then great. I don’t think there’s specifically a known problem with Apple routers, just that someone (perhaps plural) had issues. Just enjoy your setup :smiley:

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Nothing wrong with the Apple Airport Extreme/Express, they are just behind time - No ac, no mesh.
It’s fine if you hook to your Airport Extreme directly via an Ethernet cables, if you use wifi (either directly from the Extreme, indirectly via an Express), then you will have the usually wifi issues.

Not true: I have 2 Airport Extremes in my house that are 802.11ac and support extending my home network (across 3 floors). The latter is not technically the same as a true mesh network, but it serves the same purpose.

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Sorry, you are right, the latest Extreme one does do AC wifi.

I have no issues with an older Extreme base and an Express to extend. Core is on a headless Mac Mini, which, due to cable run restrictions, cannot get an Ethernet cable.

Not the recommended setup, but it works very well; no drops, etc.

My Extreme (last model) works fine as well.

I don’t need mesh, I have coverage everywhere on my property, inside and out.

I operate three Apple routers in my two level home. They work great. Wireless from my base station, wired out from 2nd Extreme to Nucleus.

Can I ask, do you connect Lan port on first Airport to wan port on second and then onto the nucleus etc?

my airport extreme/express network works great and just dandy with roon. i for one wish Apple had kept at it…