Apple TV client with multichannel PCM

Hi there,
I am a new roon user testing the free trial. I have to say that I am amazed by the concept and enjoy the quality on the audio side and on the library concept.

The only drawback so far is the support for multichannel pcm with my current setup.

I have an Apple TV 4K connected to a surround receiver via hdmi.

With the app MrMc (Kodi compatible) I can play a Flac 6ch audio file on my receiver. The app reads the audio file from my NAS device and generates a PCM multichannel hdmi output on the Apple TV.
I can also play HiRes Audio with 24bit and 48 or 96khz via hdmi to my receiver using the app running on my Apple TV

This proves that it should be possible to create a roon client or a roon bridge as tvOS app supporting RAAT and using hdmi to support 16/24bit and 44,1 48, 96khz PCM audio stereo and multichannel.

Is there any chance such an app will see the light soon?



I would like to have this very much as well. This would overcome the airplay limitations.

So do i. This should and could be a common solution for streaming multichannel music…

That would be awesome!! I hope that happens soon.