Apple TV Extension - Roon TV Remote

I was curious about this so I took a look.

I don’t believe it matters that you are using the Apple TV remote. Ultimately you should be able to use the Apple TV remote to control playback to any Roon zone, including the TV. The issue you’re hitting now isn’t specific to the TV remote, though. I think you’ll hit it whether you’re using a phone, computer, whatever.

I could not get an Apple TV to work as a Roon zone regardless of what I did.

In Settings > Audio, I can see my Apple TVs show up. When I try to enable an Apple TV zone, I’m immediately asked for a code. But there is no code displayed on the TV.

I can get the zone added even without entering a correct code. I can do this by entering an incorrect code. The first time I try to play music to that zone, the TV displays a code. Roon, however, is not asking for the code at this point since the zone is already configured (even though it never had a correct code).

I can’t figure out any sequence of events, including disabling and re-enabling the TV zone when the code is displayed, that results in Roon being able to stream music to an Apple TV.

Maybe there’s a trick here that I don’t know but this does like it isn’t working correctly. I wonder if Roon thinks that it is doing what it needs to do during zone setup time to cause the code to be displayed.

I do think you’re correct that there is an issue play to an Apple TV. I don’t think it has anything to do with the Apple TV remote app since I use that for other zones and it works just fine. I hope this helps - I think someone at Roon would have to look at this to figure out what’s going on.

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Inclined to agree. While I did complete the Airplay setup on mine, it wouldn’t play, just popped another code. Tested it against my Denon receivers and Airplay works… so assuming Apple’s broken something or changed.

Would be worth opening a topic on the Roon community support list. Definitely not a tv:remote issue per se.

I only use Airplay for rare situations, don’t think it’s a good solution compared to a Raspberry Pi or other Roon endpoint. But it works (sometimes now, I guess).

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Thanks for this. So much for Apple TV “Roon Tested”…

To be fair, i know it used to work, I’ve used it before. Before latest versions of tvOS… quite likely it was Roon tested, but needs a revisit, since Apple breaks things.

You’re welcome. I’m by no means a Roon apologist but the “tested” category is tough and I tend to think of it as a well-intentioned best effort.

You in the market for a clever but admittedly hacky workaround? I can actually get you were you’re trying to go assuming you have an iPhone or an iPad.

Do this:

  1. Set your iPhone/iPad up as a local Roon zone and make sure “Private Zone” is off.

  2. Using the Roon app, play something on your iPhone.

  3. Use AirPlay on your iPhone to cast to your Apple TV

  4. Run the TV:Remote app on your Apple TV, choose your iPhone as the zone

This will get you exactly where you were trying to go in the first place, though your phone is in the loop. It’s not completely crazy and you do get full transport, volume, album art, etc. in the TV:Remote app.

At least it’s something.

Did you try this to get AirPlay working?

Hi @nealsal

Audio playback to the Apple TV is handled by the Roon core, its not a feature of the TV:Remote app.
The following post is currently marked as the solution for streaming audio to the Apple TV via Airplay.

Possibly one for @support if a passcode is still required.

I changed my Apple TV settings as you describe. Launched Roon on my iPad, selected the Apple TV zone. It did not play, then the Apple TV zone disappeared from my list. Re-enabled the Apple TV zone in Roon Audio settings and entered the passcode. It worked- got music to play on Apple TV. Thanks for the directions.

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Clever approach! Thanks.


Is it possible for this app to somehow show the currently playing song in the little notification box in upper right screen like other music apps do when a new song starts playing (Amazon, Plex, etc.)? This would be a really nice addition if possible. I usually have my fireplace app playing on Apple TV while listening to music and I like to see the notification box pop-up when a song starts when I use other music apps. Thanks.

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When i follow the instructions to set require password to “On” and create a password, TV Remote app can work on apple tv。But it resulted in not working in Home Assistant, Home Assistant asked to cancel the password。Is there any way to solve it?

Feature request: would it be possible to add the following option to Disable Background Animation:

Album view only

Reason is I think Valence is still far from perfect and keeps serving artist photography with low resolution/bad cropping.

I’d prefer to have the same album art that’s already in the bottom left just scaled up in the background permanently as well.


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Hi @Cudifying

The album only view is include in the latest version. See Roon > Settings > Extension to select the album only view


Hi @tyler_d

This is probably one for Roon or Home Assistant support as it audio playback related. TV:Remote is purely control.

Thank you, it seems that I can only choose one of the two. I hope it will be resolved in the future

This app is fantastic! It solved my main display problems almost completely. I was wondering if the app could also show the Roon signal path in future versions: I am always wondering what is actually being done by Roon at any point in time.
Much thanks for a great app/extension!

Agree that’s it’s a great app!

Sadly the signal path isn’t available via the Roon API (I’d like to use it in my software too).

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Trying to connect TV:Remote from my Roon Server over the app on AppleTV. The TV:Remote app recognises my Roon Core and asks me to enable the extension on Roon Core. However when I go to Extensions in Settings of Roon, the Extension is not recognised. See attached pictures. Help!

Hi @Benjamin_Yap

Does the issue persist after a reboot of the core machine - Ben’s ThinkBook?

Unfortunately yes. I’ve also tried to uninstall and reinstall the app on my AppleTV without success.