Apple TV Extension - Roon TV Remote

Hello everybody,

I’ve had a go at creating my first Roon Extension and Apple TV app!
The aim was to create a simple TV remote for the Apple TV. Theres still some work to do, features so far include:

  • Zone Selection
  • Transport Controls (Play/Pause from ATV remote button)
  • Volume Control
  • Standby

Credit to Christian_Riedl for the C# API.

The TestFlight version is available from here:


Thoughts welcome!


Really nice! Possible to install and try somehow? :sunglasses:

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Cool! Hope you’ll be able to upload an .ipa for it for us all to try it out

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Yes, really exciting, looking forward to try it out when available!

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Thank all, should hopefully have something you can try out soon!


This looks great! I don’t have an Apple TV would probably consider one if you release the app. On that logic, I’d also pay for the app. :+1:t2:


Bring it on - I will gladly pay for this!


really needed

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Hi All,

A TestFlight build is now available:

Feedback welcome!


It crashes the moment I open it. :cry:

Same here, updated tvos yesterday to the latest firmware on my atv 4 (non4K) Cheers John, excited how it wil be…

Strange :disappointed_relieved: I’ll look into it… I’m also running on a tv 4 (non4K). I’ll update when I know more. :thinking:

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Tvos 13.4.8

Thanks @JTJ useful to know.
@Ingmar_Wahlberg could I check what TVOS version you’re running?

13.4.6 (10 char)

Works for me. Screensaver kicks in after a while. Is this intentional?

No! Nice spot. Screensaver is disabled for the next build.

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Very nice!
Just installed via TestFlight, works very well for me on an Apple TV 4K.

I would prefer a different color for the currently selected UI elements (Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Repeat, Shuffle, Roon Radio), as the light blue for the currently selected UI element is not that easily distinguishable compared to the inactive, white UI elements.

If the user only wants to control one Roon endpoint, an option to enable/disable the endpoint selection would be beneficial. Otherwise the selected endpoint is always shown to the user, though this information would not be necessary and rather unwanted.

Hi there, how I can join the test? Downloaded the Test Flight app in the AppleTV, but is asking for a “Invitation code”?

Got it… installed :smiley:…same issue, crash when trying to open, tvOS 13.4.6 - AppleTV 4K