Apple TV no longer works

Hi I cannot use my atvs anymore it asks for the code on the tv I enter it on the roon and click ok but the code remains on the tv.

Anything I can do, I have to say support on atv has been at best flaky af for me since forever

So we can help you, please provide brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure you describe your network configuration including any networking hardware in use so we understand how your devices communicate.

What version of AirPlay/ Apple TV are you using? Are you able to play to other endpoints?

Virgin media 360meg broadband
core i3 8 gigs ram intel nics running UNTANGLE (router)
Ubiquiti unifi networking, switches and AP Pros
Roon runs on 24 core zeon server, 48 gigs ram,

ATV on latest software

Airplay from iphone to atv works just fine

When typing in 4 digit code for roon, roon thinks its sorted and will even play music. But the ATV is still waiting for code and no music can be heard

Hello @Gareth_Irwin,

In the AirPlay settings on your AppleTV, enable the “require password” option. Then when you enable the AppleTV zone in Roon, enter the password you created for the AppleTV.