Apple's USB-C to USB Adapter only does 44.1kHz?

I’ve just unboxed my new MacBook Pro and used the Apple USB-C to USB adapter I got with it to connect by USB cable to my DAC and found it only does 44.1 kHz (my DAC has a readout) and not 96kHz. I was puzzled by this as I was previously using the standard Apple Lightning to USB cable to hook up my iPad to the same DAC and it had no problem doing 96kHz.

I’ve since ordered the Audioquest Dragontail, which is an audiophile version of the same adapter, and actually a little cheaper than the Apple one, so it’s no problem, but I wanted to put it out there in case someone else was about to make the same mistake. Or am I doing something wrong?

On your Mac, fire up

/Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI

Thanks for the fix–worked fine. But on both my iPad and my iMac it would automatically send the signal in whatever resolution the file was and I didn’t have to manually set it in Audio Midi Setup. Is there a way to make my MacBook do this?

Or maybe I should just leave it on 24/96 the whole time, even when 16/44.1 files are playing?