Applying the AutoEQ Parametric EQ settings

I’ve found these EQ settings, and just want to double check the correct way to set these in Roon.

I’m making the following assumptions, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. There are 10 Parametric EQ settings on the AutoEQ page, so does that equate to creating 10 Bands in Roon?
  2. Each AutoEQ setting type states “Peaking”, so each Band needs to have the Type set to “Peak/dip”?

I presume “Fc” corresponds to “Frequency” in Roon.

Q and Gain are self-explanatory.


Yup, you’ve got it on all counts.

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Great. Glad to hear - nice and simple.

On the AutoEq site I also noticed the following:

" In case of using parametric equalizer, apply preamp of -7.1dB and build filters manually with these parameters. The first 5 filters can be used independently. When using independent subset of filters, apply preamp of -7.4 dB."

Where in Roon do I apply the setting: preamp of -7.1dB?


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Got it. Thanks.

Another possibility is to do it all within the Parametric EQ.
Just pull down the slider to the right of the graph until the resulting curve does not exceed 0dB anymore.
The net result will be the same.


I also saw in Roon I can add a Convolution filter, combine the two .wav filters from AutoEq into a .zip file, and then load the .zip file into Roon. Very cool.

Our courteous user @killdozer even offers downloads of ready-to-go-zipped-filters for Roon integration.


Sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Wanna know, convolution wav files added via zip to roon makes the same than the eq?

Doesnt feel the same to me