Appreciation of Roon

Continuing the discussion from Huge congratulations to the Roon team (on the release of 1.5):

I just want to express appreciation of the whole Roon concept. I took out the life membership before my trial period ended. It all started when my audio supplier (I’ll mention them: Dynaudio in Melbourne Australia) mentioned Roon to me. I was intrigued and started my research.
I’m a bit of a wus when it comes to technology but after connecting Roon to my DAC (I have an Oppo HA-1) and my USB Hard Drive (5TB), I asked my trusty Tech guy to connect a Synology NAS to hold my storage and now I love it.
I’m finding music I forgot I had and the experience is mind blowing.
Why didn’t I do this earlier?
Wonderful stuff, guys!


Yeah. I’m lovin’ it too, as they say. It has its moments of frustration and the ongoing development of the UX is impatiently anticipated, but my Roon ecosystem is really something that has evolved enormously in the last 6 months or so.

From a standalone PC with Roon outputting to local DAC, it’s now a multi-room, multi-room system with 4 Chromecast Audio and 3 hard wired ethernet endpoints. I’m regularly using my chromecasts on semi-portable rigs too with battery feeds.

It’s great fun to tinker with. I think I’m getting it “just so” for my needs now.

To have instant access to 10000 local albums plus the Tidal universal wherever in the house, is mind blowing and just a vague dream only 5 years ago.

I am in love with Roon. In my oppinion it perfects the digital audio streaming experience. I really like to read the stories behind albums and artists and in this regard Roon informs and also connects me with music never heard before. I really love this feature.

I do however have some wishes. Foremost I would really love (first party) support for integration with Logitech Harmony remotes. This would be the perfect solution for me. To control activities and adjust playback and have in app volume control.

Other wish is Qobuz and or Dirac integration. But these subjects have been discussed and is beyond the influence of Roon alone.

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of appreciation for Roon and the user community. It has reignited my love for music. Along the way I’ve learnt a whole lot more about the technology, which has given me better sound than I’ve ever had before. A huge thank you, too, for everyone who contributes to the ‘What are you listening to now?’ thread - it probably accounts for about half the new music I’ve discovered over the past year, particularly in genres that I know nothing about. If I ever get to the bottom of the thread for long enough I hope to add some of my own listening :grinning: