Appreciation Thread: Rush

Watching a biography of Rush on Netflix. Such an unlikely band. I admit to not being a die hard fan, i appreciate them more retrospectively. There were times when I was really into them and watching their history, they play a song and I’m like “oh yeah that’s a great song”, “there’s another”.

Post something about Rush here… some favorite tracks (non-obvious ones), favorite album, favorite concert you saw them… whatever you like.


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I had to study Sammual Coleridge’s Kubla Khan for an English lit class. We were required to put on a 5 minute speech on the poem we were assigned.

I brought my boombox, put it on the desk and hit play to Rush’s Xanadu.
Received a standing O from the class. Teacher was not nearly as impressed.


I love their music because it takes me back…

I had a laugh though, reading this writeup last year. All in good fun. Hope you enjoy.



There was a part of the biography talking about the amazing passionate Rush fans… I think it was Geddy talking. “When we started out, our fans were 100% male… but then has our music evolved, our fans were still 100% male” - lol

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